Pilot drug

Funder: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Award Amount: $150,570 (FY2007)

Topic: Safe and "green" disposal of medications

ARCHS developed a pilot national demonstration in the St. Louis bi-state region to inventory and prudently dispose of unwanted medications.  The project was managed successfully, including substantive research and highly-regulated activities at 20 sites in four counties across two states.

39 community partners and senior service agencies were utilized.  Documented demographics of 892 participants, type and amount of 296,650 medication doses returned.  Documented results of educational outreach program to 3,331 seniors, 387 elementary school students, and 15 teachers.

ARCHS Won two national awards for their efforts in this pilot. Additionally, key outcomes were presented at four national conferences and replicated throughout the nation and internationally.

Graphic: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 18, 2007