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Funder: Danforth Foundation

Award Amount: $1.7 million (FY2002-FY2005)

Topic: Create community action plans for targeted St. Louis City neighborhoods

The Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative was a partnership of residents, community groups, financial institutions, local foundations, and state and local government to revitalize nine St. Louis City neighborhood clusters.  As part of the Danforth Foundation’s legacy program St. Louis 2004, the Initiative was designed to “combine physical development and infrastructure improvements with human service support and community-based economic development”.  Through ARCHS' leadership, each of the targeted neighborhood clusters developed a strategic plan.SNI PD story 2
“Despite the lofty goals of the Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative, uneven development has characterized revitalization efforts in the target 
neighborhoods”, according to Dr. Scott Cummings of Saint Louis University in the critically acclaimed book distributed by the Missouri Historical Society Press, St. Louis Metromorphosis: Past Trends and Future Directions (2004).

St. Louis 2004 was a movement to make St. Louis a leading region in the 21st century, using the year 2004 as a deadline. Its mission was transform the St. Louis region into a great place in which people want to live and even to move. More than 1,200 volunteers input more than 100 ideas to achieve that goal.

Using the community's input as a guide, St. Louis 2004 developed action plans: facing racism and discrimination, combating youth gang violence, safe places for kids, downtown revitalization, access to health, cleaner air, zero tolerance for hate crimes, 21st century technologies and high-paying jobs, sustainable neighborhoods, minority- and women-owned business growth, and regional park and trail systems.

Graphic: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 17, 1998.