ARCHS' History

ARCHS was incorporated in 1998. ARCHS is selected to manage federal, state and private funds and to provide strategic management oversight and technical support services to assure the funder that their goals and outcomes are met and exceeded.

ARCHS is one of 20 Community Partnership organizations serving the state of Missouri. The state-wide partnership concept grew out of a St. Louis-based program started in the early 1990s that was later expanded across the state by Missouri's Governor and Legislature.

The Missouri Department of Social Services contracts with ARCHS to serve in the partnership role. ARCHS is not a state agency, it is a private not-for-profit with 501c3 status.

Missouri's Community Partnerships are coordinated through Missouri's Family and Community Trust (FACT). There are only a handful of states across the nation that have similar partnership models. Missouri's 20 Community Partnerships currently reach 80-percent of the state's children.

ARCHS has a successful 20 year history of leveraging more than $280 million in area public and private resources and collaborating with community leaders and organizations. Each year ARCHS' funding and program partners positively impact the lives of thousands of area residents. ARCHS' many community accolades include four What's Right with The Region honors (2005, 2012 (2), and 2014) and being named the Healthcare Advocacy Organization of the Year (2010).

ARCHS is not affiliated with the ARCH (national monument), ARCH Air Medical Helicopters or the St. Louis ARCHES dance troupe. But we like and admire their great work!