ARCHS' Impact

Clearly, funders continue to see tremendous value by investing in ARCHS' programs. Despite some of the worst economic conditions this region has seen since the great depression, ARCHS continues to be given increased responsibility to support the most vulnerable residents of the Greater St. Louis area.

Here are examples of how ARCHS is supporting the local economy:

Model Federal-State-Local Partnerships: ARCHS and the other 20 Missouri community partnerships are outstanding examples of how federal, state and local partnerships lead to multifold returns on investment.

Economic Development: ARCHS is working to provide resources that create businesses such as child care centers as well as provide on the job training programs in partnership with area employers.

Job Creation: ARCHS’ partnerships are creating and supporting jobs through the development of new and expanded child care centers, after school programs, prisoner reentry, welfare to work and other community-based initiatives.

Workforce Training: Through professional development, credit coursework, technical assistance, on the job training and other activities, ARCHS’ partnerships are impacting current and future jobs.  ARCHS has a history of working with the U.S. Department of Labor on several successful programs with a focus on prisoner reentry.

Career Tracks: ARCHS’ partners are focusing on important career tracks such as education, science, math, healthcare, engineering, customer service, automotive, culinary and many others.

Minority Owned Businesses: ARCHS is partnering with minority owned businesses to spur economic growth with jobs related to child care centers, after school programs, "green careers" and other for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

The Business of Not-for-Profits: ARCHS’ Leveraged Resources Management, Inc. (LRM) provides a full spectrum of financial services to area organizations. Most small to midsize businesses and not-for-profits do not have the financial expertise needed, with or without tough economic times. LRM manages the organization's funds, while the agency does what it does best – provide programs for their clients. As well, ARCHS’ technical assistance provides capacity building to our partners.

Wrap Around Support Services: Many times, keeping a job is as difficult as finding one. ARCHS' partnerships are providing “wrap around support services” ranging from transportation, housing, substance abuse prevention, mental health and other services to make sure people stay on track and retain long-term employment.

Working Families: ARCHS supports working families through its child care centers and after school activities that allow parents to work and continue their own education.

Going Green: ARCHS is creating partnerships that emphasize the vital role of green-focused jobs and community activities. ARCHS has extensive experience in working with the U.S. EPA on two national projects.

Better Health, Better Lives: Access to healthcare eases both financial and emotional burdens of working families. ARCHS’ partnerships are educating families about the eligibility requirements for Missouri’s Health Net Insurance (SCHIP) programs.

Crime and Violence Prevention: Children are often lured by the promise of easy money during tough times, ARCHS’ partnerships with police departments provide life skills training aimed at gang and drug prevention. As well, ARCHS’ after school partnerships ensure children are not in vulnerable situations but rather engaged in fun learning activities from the hours of 3 pm to 6 pm.

Lifelong Learning: Educating students of any age helps support the economy - providing a strong foundation for a successful personal and professional life. ARCHS' partnerships are highlighting the need to support quality education at all levels with a clear focus on pre-kindergarten, grades K-12, and adult learning.