ARCHS’ Collective Impacts

ARCHS is a leading member of several St. Louis area “collective impact” organizations and efforts. In some cases, ARCHS serves as the lead, and in others, plays a very strong supporting role.

Collective impact is defined as “the commitment of a group of important actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem.” According to the Sanford Social Innovation Review (Winter 2011)  five conditions are required for a successful collective impact initiative:

  • Having a common agenda and understanding of the problem being addressed.
  • Developing a shared measurement system to gauge progress.
  • Engaging in mutually reinforcing activities, with the recognition that there will be overlap.
  • Ensuring there is continuous communication between organizations.
  • Creating a backbone organization to hold the participating organizations together and provide infrastructure.

ARCHS has the necessary "backbone" and is committed to providing leadership and support to the various "collective impact" groups in St. Louis  that are working to address important social issues ranging from healthcare to education.

ARCHS’ “Collective Impact” Partnerships include: