FACT: New KIDS COUNT® Partner for Missouri

The Family and Community Trust (FACT) is the newest KIDS COUNT® grantee in Missouri. FACT is a not-for-profit organization supporting 20 community partnerships (including ARCHS) around the state whose mission is to find solutions that improve the lives of families and children in their communities.

"FACT is celebrating its 21st year of service and this newest partnership with Annie E. Casey greatly increases our ability to impact children's lives," said FACT Manager and Board Director, William T. Dent

KIDS COUNT® is a national and state-by-state effort to track the well-being of children, through high quality data and trend analysis.

"KIDS COUNT® data is vital for every youth development and multi-generation serving professional as you plan for evaluation and measuring your program's social return on investment," said Wendell E. Kimbrough, ARCHS' Chief Executive Officer. "For example, you can use the county level data to help set percentage targets and milestones for your program logic model or grant proposal. Because KIDS COUNT® data is vetted by experts, you can rely on their reports as you seek meaningful outcome and performance indicators to compare with your specific program results."

"The selection of FACT provides a unique opportunity for a very well established statewide community-based organization, with state level leadership, to forge new partnerships and to expand access to valuable child-focused data and research," said Dennis Campa, Associate Director of Policy Reform and Advocacy with the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

FACT joins long-time KIDS COUNT® partners -- Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA) at the University of Missouri, and the Children's Trust Fund. The KIDS COUNT® in Missouri Data Book offers relevant analysis of childhood well-being and the county rankings, as well as issue and policy analysis.