ARCHS' USDA Partnership Promotes Healthy Eating

ARCHS' USDA Partnership has distributed 5,000 "Sesame Street: Food for Thought" packets to students in Saint Louis Public Schools. The packets focus on healthy food choices and gives children tips on how to make their own nutritious snacks.

The USDA awarded grant funding to Missouri this year to implement Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer for Children (SEBTC) for the summer of 2012. Through ARCHS, the funding will provide benefits this summer for approximately 5,300 eligible, randomly chosen, children who attend Saint Louis Public Schools. Chosen households are receiving $60 per month per child in June and July, and a pro-rated amount in May and August based upon the school district's schedule.

With 5,300 children expected to receive benefits this summer, St. Louis area stores and farmers' markets will redeem more than $800,000 in SEBTC benefits. This program is not open to the general public and participants have already been selected for this year.