Dr. D with Social Solutions Award
Above: (Social Solutions’ CEO Rachel Arnold (second from left) and ARCHS’ Director of Planning and Research Dr. Dianne Benjamin (far right) at the award ceremony.

On September 16th, 2016 at a national conference in Baltimore, ARCHS was one of three organizations presented with Social Solutions’ first annual “UNITE Award 2016”. The Social Solutions’ award recognized ARCHS for the following achievements:

  • Commitment to community impact
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Dedication to outcomes and performance management
Social Solutions highlighted ARCHS’ innovative use of its Apricot Software™ to enhance ARCHS’ outcomes management strategy for the 26 organizations and programs that ARCHS funds and supports. ARCHS’ staff uses Apricot Software™ on a daily basis to keep track of more than 3,000 program dashboard data points at 369 community locations.

Social Solutions’ Apricot Software™ is an extremely secure and flexible nonprofit software solution that offers case management, client, donor, and volunteer tracking as well as outcomes management. The software offers real-time reports and provides actionable data to inform service delivery and program management, outcomes and performance management, and builds a foundation for continuous internal improvement.