Many child care facilities recieved a notice in the first few weeks of 2020 from the State of Missouri regarding changes for DHSS Clock Hours, and ARCHS would like to answer some common questions about it. It is now mandatory for 'Six or Fewer' and 'License-Exempt' facilities to earn at least 6 DHSS Clock Hours to continue eligibility for child care subsidies. Licensed child care facilities are still required to earn 12 DHSS Clock Hours.

Do the training requirements apply to all child care providers?
Initial and annual training is required for all licensed and license-exempt child care providers with a contract or registration agreement with the Department of Social Services to provide care to children eligible for child care subsidy. Any child care provider, staff or volunteer counted in the child/staff ratio or who is responsible for the supervision of children is required to complete the required training topics.

Where can I find the actual law that states who must obtain the training?
The training requirements are outlined in the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014 and defined in federal regulation, 45 CFR part 98 (98.41 and 98.44). A copy of the law can be found by clicking here. 

What initial trainings are required, and where can I find them?
The Missouri Department of Social Services has a 'Training Clarification' section on its website with a complete list of initial required trainings for each provider type. Click here to see the Training Clarification. 

You can easily find trainings at We have created a video tutorial to navigate Missouri Workshop Calendar below. Cost for trainings vary and can be found with each listing. 

Please visit this link for other Frequently Asked Questions regarding DHSS training hours:


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