In January 2023 the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS) conducted a site visit of ARCHS' funded Bridging Families to Communities and Beyond's Youth Build program. DSS staff heard first-hand testimonials from program participants. They expressed their appreciation for the experience and knowledge gained through the life skills and job training program. DSS frequently asks ARCHS to provide site visit opportunities to get real-time feedback into programs being strategically supported by ARCHS funded partners. Additionally, DSS and other funders conduct program and finanical audits of ARCHS' funded programs. Recently ARCHS successfully completed audits of programs provided by Better Family Life and the Neighborhood Healing Network. ARCHS is directly responsible to the state to ensure ARCHS and its funded partners are adhering to complex federal and state guidelines. Through ARCHS' strategic grant management system, it can assure the state it has the data and reports to track program objectives and outcomes.