In March ARCHS was honored for its quality improvement efforts by the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence (TNCPE) and was presented an achievement award.

ARCHS uses the Baldrige Excellence Framework™ to inform its on-going quality improvement efforts. Baldrige is a noted holistic framework used by organizations across multiple industries to improve their performance and achieve sustainable results. In less than two years, ARCHS has achieved the first three of four regional levels of recognition through TNCPE - using the Baldrige Excellence Framework™ as its evalulation tool.

Each level responds to a deeper level of assessment on the Baldrige-based continuum. Once organizations achieve level four status, they are eligible to apply for the national Baldrige award.

ARCHS quality improvement efforts focus on enhancing its strategic support of its portfolio of funded partners to improve the lives of children and families facing disparities and disadvantages in St. Louis’ most resource deprived communities.

Watch Award Ceremony Video