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ARCHS nationally recognized partnership with the USDA and the State of Missouri offers alternate methods to feed impoverished children during the summer months when school-based meals are not available. 

Over the past several years, eligible students and their families in the Saint Louis Public Schools and the Ferguson-Florissant School District have been selected to receive additional funding for summer meals via existing EBT cards. This innovative pilot has provided the USDA and Missouri with invaluable information on ways to enhance summer nutrition.

Stats for Summer 2018:

·         Human Impact: 9,520 Children/Youth Served

·         Economic Impact: $856,800 of Funds Spent

·         Service Impact: 96% of Benefits Used

Each year there has been a steady increase in this program’s impact. In 2018 nearly 500 more children were feed through this program than in 2o17 and over $10,000 more was spent on food and meals.