2018 Annual Report Cover
Dear Greater St. Louis,

In the late 1980s, a St. Louis program at a local elementary school became a catalyst for enhanced state-level collaboration with local communities. The goal of this new initiative was to improve the lives of Missouri’s most vulnerable families.

Twenty years later, ARCHS continues to refine this concept through our very unique role as the official Community Partnership for the Greater St. Louis region on behalf of the state of Missouri.

During FY 2018, we continued our unique role as a local emissary for the state, providing funding, resources, and expertise to enhance and augment the work of vital education and human service initiatives serving more than 180,000 St. Louisans.

Our funded and strategically supported initiatives focus on decreasing cycles of multi-generational poverty and lessening the disadvantages and disparities that so many of our children face.

In this year’s annual report, you will see how the funds we provide are further enhanced by hundreds of in-kind partnerships that bring the best of St. Louis together. Area business, civic, cultural, educational, faith-based, and human service organizations contribute additional time, talent, and treasure to make an even greater impact valued at more than $20.2 million.

ARCHS and our fellow 19 Missouri community partnerships are outstanding examples of how federal, state, and local partnerships lead to multifold returns on investment.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, I want to especially salute the caring and talented board members, staff, and community partners who share a common passion and commitment to serving their fellow St. Louisans. 

I offer a very sincere thank you to the entire St. Louis community for twenty years of collaboration and partnerships. 

Best regards,

Wendell E. Kimbrough
Chief Executive Officer