Our Story: Area Resources for Community and Human Services (ARCHS) funds and strategically enhances initiatives that improve the lives of children and families facing disparities and disadvantages in St. Louis’ most resource deprived communities. ARCHS works to disrupt generational poverty and trauma by advancing lifelong learning. ARCHS' work is further supported by serving as one of Missouri's 20 officially designated community partnership organizations through Family and Community Trust (FACT).

Our Mission: To improve the lives of Greater St. Louis' residents by convening strategic community partnerships.

Our Vision: To be the premiere builder of strategic community partnerships, known for advancing the human potential of Greater St. Louis.

Our Values:
-Social Responsibility
-Objective Evaluation
-Financial Soundness
-Accountable Results

Our Funding Priorities:
-Early Childhood & Parenting Initiatives
-School Age Initiatives
-Family Support Initiatives

Additional Information: