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St. Louis Hidden Figures Honorees

ARCHS, on behalf of The St. Louis Hidden Figures Committee, proudly nominated Vincent McKinney and Lorenzo Stanley to receive the St. Louis Hidden Figures award. This award was created to recognize individuals that go unnoticed in their efforts to better the lives of St. Louis' more vulnerable children.

Vincent McKinney has spent more than 15 years overseeing academic and cultural enrichment, along with facilitating programs that promoted entrepreneurism and health. He is best known as a 4H STEM robotics educator, where he teaches with an emphasis on engineering and technology.

Vincent McKinney
Lorenzo Stanley is a member of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity Inc. and works as an advisor/mentor for the Sigma Beta Club, a youth group associated with the fraternity. His efforts aim to position himself as a positive male role model in the community and to connect with children on a variety of issues.

Lorenzo Stanley

Along with six other honorees, these two were recognized during a ceremony at Ashland Elementary School on Feb. 21.


The St. Louis Hidden Figure Partnership is composed of ARCHS, Provident Inc., Hopewell Center, The ASAP Program at Ashland Elementary (a St. Louis Public School), and St. Louis City Children’s Division.

ARCHS Continued Partnership with St. Louis Public Schools

ARCHS SLPS Report 17
ARCHS work with the St. Louis Public Schools system looks to solve several issues facing the children of St. Louis including the need for after school programing, better nutrition and vision health, to name a few. 

ARCHS compiled a 2016-2017 report that looks into the power of this partnership and how, together, ARCHS and SLPS are enacting positive change in the region.

New ARCHS' STL Educare Staff

New Staff Compilation

To start off 2018 ARCHS expanded its staff with the addition of two new employees. Adrienne Humphries (pictured on right) and Shantell Goldsby (pictured on left) joined the Educare team this winter and are already on their way to making an impact at ARCHS.

STL Educare provides strategic support and technical assistance to over a thousand in home based childcare providers in the St. Louis region. For more information check out ARCHS' STL Educare website.

ARCHS' FY 2017 Audit

Audit Pic

Independent auditors have given ARCHS an "unmodified" or "clean" audit for the 16th consecutive fiscal year. ARCHS' FY 2017 (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017) financial audit was reviewed and approved by ARCHS' Board of Directors at the December 6, 2017 meeting.

Issuance of "unmodified" means an auditor, upon review of an organization's financial statements and accompanying notes, concluded that the financial statements and accompanying notes are presented fairly, conform to generally accepted accounting principles, and fairly represent the true financial picture of the organization.

For the eighth consecutive year, ARCHS has also successfully completed a federal 2 CFR 200 audit (formerly called an A-133 audit) for its work with federal funding. A 2 CFR 200 audit is required for any organization that expends more than $750,000 in a year in funding from the federal government.

“During FY 2017, ARCHS had a $21.6 million impact on the region,” said ARCHS’ Chief Executive Officer Wendell Kimbrough. “Within that number, $9.7 million were grants and other revenues, and $11.9 million were funds/resources secured by ARCHS' education and social service program partners.”

According to ARCHS’ Chief Financial Officer Sheryl Mitchell, “The FY 2017 audit also highlighted that ARCHS’ “administrative overhead” costs are only 15.5 percent, which is below the national average of 25 percent as calculated by the national United Way and other groups. This means that 84.5 cents out of every dollar ARCHS manages goes to the delivery of education and social service programs that annually serve more than 150,000 St. Louisans. The remaining 15.5 cents provide strategic grant support services that assist in the management and evaluation of these vital programs.”