ARCHS Awards $1 Million to Enhance Public Safety Initiatives

In FY 2024, ARCHS issued funding to enhance two regional public safety focused initiatives. ARCHS awarded:

$1 million in state of Missouri funding to the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis to further the work of the Serving Our Streets program, aimed at intervening and preventing violent gun confrontations. Supported neighborhoods include Columbus Square, Hyde Park, Jeff-Vander-Lou, and Kingsway East. Since 2020, the program has successfully de-escalated 317 conflicts.

$145,500 in state of Missouri funding to Gateway Alliance Against Human Trafficking to raise public awareness of the issues related to human trafficking through trainings, workshops, networking opportunities, and community resources. The aim is for community members and k-12 students to better understand human trafficking, what to look for, and how to report suspected human trafficking situations.

ARCHS secured its funding from the Missouri Department of Social Services. ARCHS’ funded partners provide additional leveraged/in-kind support to further advance the ARCHS funded programs.